Quality Apps Will Matter

Over the past few years app usage has continued to increase while the use of web, through a desktop or even a smartphone, has continued to decrease. I expect this trend will continue as most customers are now using smartphones or tablets. As this trend increases all of the eyeballs will be on mobile apps.

Things to look for when choosing a mobile app developer

With the increase of mobile app popularity of course comes an increase in mobile app developers to choose from.  We wanted to give some tips for selecting the right developer so you will have the best possible app for your users! When selecting a development company is important to look at a number of factors.

SSL HeartBleed

The SSL HeartBleed bug is a serious vulnerability in the security layer of the internet.  It has been around since December 2011 and it is estimated the “bad guys” have known about this vulnerability since about mid 2012. The vulnerability allows attackers to read secure traffic while it is in transit.  It affects approximately 20%

4 best practices for mobile app success

With billions of apps on the app stores it is beginning to be a rather competitive environment! By now it is clear that simply putting an app on the store isn’t enough.   Here are the top 4 things to consider when releasing an app (whether it is free or paid!): 1) Marketing The days

How much does an app cost?

One of the most common questions in our line of work is: How much does an App Cost? This is similar to asking a car dealer how much a car costs? The answer to the question is very dependent on what kind of car and features you are interested in. Are you going to buy

Lessons Learned while at Apple and Silicon Valley ~ Tips for Young Engineers

People sometimes ask me what I learned when I was working at Apple. The answers depend on the context of the question and who is asking and is certainly too grand to put into a single blog post. However, I wanted to share some top tips learned while I was at Apple that I would

What Makes CollegeMobile Different – A CEO’s Perspective

When making a purchasing decision many people weigh the cost/benefit to confirm that its a straightforward decision. For example when you are buying tires one type of tire is $100 per tire and the other is $110. Certainly, you may notice a difference between the different sets of tires if you bought them and used

Price Sales to Market Your App: NuuNest Hits #1

With the recent sale of NuuNest on the App Store for $0.99 and a little marketing help from PregnantChicken NuuNest has reached #1 in the Canadian App Store and #2 in the US App Store for Paid Medical Apps. Short term sales with marketing support can help you get your apps out there to reach

5 Tips to Help Your App Make More Money

Often we are asked how apps can make money on the app store. I have complied a list of 5 tips that will help your app make more money on the app stores: 1. Positioning & Marketing Marketing is a very important component to apps making money and often overlooked.  There are over a billion

Making Money on the App Store

In the early days of the App Store it was easy for developers to enter the market and make a lot of money with a paid app. There were many iPhone users and apps were hot and nearly anyone who made an app made at least a small fortune. Thus began the craze where everyone

Saskatchewan Mobile App Development

A few blog posts ago we talked about how we were nominated for the ABEX award for Exports.  Even though we do make a lot of apps outside of Saskatchewan,  I wanted to highlight some of the Saskatchewan based organizations we have worked with in the past, as we have worked with many wonderful Saskatchewan-based

Saskatoon Mobile App Development

At Push Interactions we have developed apps for companies across North America but we still have many clients right here in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan.  We wanted to feature some of the local companies that we have developed mobile apps for: Federated Cooperatives Ltd Federated Co-operatives, or Co-op as they are known to their customers, is a

The Game Has Changed

A recent post by Jean-Louis Gassée entitled “The rebirth of Windows Mobile” got me thinking about the state of technology and computers. In the mid-80s, industry giants Microsoft and Intel got into a position of strength and leveraged that strength to make it impenetrable for competitors with new technologies and new approaches. For thirty years,

Five Things that Make an App Successful

In early 2007, Apple announced the first iPhone. While some people saw it as a flash in the pan, I saw great opportunity. I believed this device would transform an industry, so I immediately began developing mobile apps to run on this revolutionary device. Half a decade later, I have seen thousands of apps come

Is Mobile Web Finally Dead?

“Is mobile web finally dead?” This question has been discussed for years. In terms of user preference, apps have won out as 85% of users prefer an app over a mobile website. But is mobile web truly dead right now? The answer depends on the demographics of your users – or more specifically, their phones

FaceMobile App Featured as a Top App

Our in-house developed iPad application FaceMobile went live worldwide on the App Store today. Since its release just a few hours ago, FaceMobile has already been featured on AppFresh Daily as one of the best apps to come out in the past 24 hours worldwide: http://appadvice.com/appnn/2011/07/appfresh-daily-48 This is very exciting news as only four Apps

The Future of Media

Today I spoke at the Association of Electronic Journalists Prairie Regional Pro conference. The audience is a grouping of TV and radio new reporters and editors from the prairie provinces. There were many reporters there who I met previously while doing interviews. The talk was in a room of about forty people and the topic

Installing a BlackBerry Mobile Application on your BlackBerry Device

Our clients often want to see their BlackBerry Mobile Application as it is being built.  This way they can see if the the application is going to suit their needs and can suggest changes along the way during development.  This may be small changes like updates to the user interface of the BlackBerry Mobile App

Adding Maps to Apps

How to create a map which works with Mobilversity   The Mobilversity platform can display both external and internal maps for a campus.  Maps are often one of the most used features on a campus especially during the start of a new term or semester.  There are two different ways of creating Maps for the

CBC’s “The National” features CollegeMobile CEO

Chad Jones, CollegeMobile CEO, was featured on CBC’s “The National” for his role in developing the first university accredited course in Canada for iPhone application programming.