Seeking Inspiration for Design

One of the most exciting things about our business, (aside from the cool apps we build!), is when we get to meet new clients and learn about their business.  From this first discussion we hear develop mobile app ideas that can enhance their business and give some sort of value-add to their clients.  Once we

ROI Series #3: Apps for Marketing and Customer Service

Every company that enquires about a mobile application wants to know the ROI. A few weeks ago, we covered “ROI – There’s an App for That, Part Two: Apps That Reduce Costs,” which revealed the ways a mobile app improves employee efficiency and reduces costs. Well, there’s still more to mobile apps than generating revenues

ROI Series #2: There’s an App for That – Apps that Reduce Costs

Every company that enquires about a mobile application wants to know the ROI. Last week, we covered “ROI – There’s an App for That, Part One: Apps That Generate Revenue.” We explained that there’s much more to mobile apps than generating revenue, and that’s where Part Two comes in! Mobile applications for employees can help

Month in Mobile: March 2013

March was a month of BlackBerry, more BlackBerry, Android, and more Android. On March 13th, about two weeks following the launch of BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry announced the largest single order of its devices in the history of the company: 1 million BlackBerry 10 devices. The purchaser is Miami-based electronics distributor Brightstar. This significant achievement means

ROI – There’s an App for That, Part One: Apps that Generate Revenue

As you would imagine, every company that inquires about a mobile application wants to know the ROI. Of course, they want to earn revenues to pay off the development of the app. Well, there is much more to apps than revenue! Mobile apps can be divided into three main categories: * Apps that generate revenue * Apps

Why Smaller Tablets and Larger Phones Need Apps

  During my presentation at the CANHEIT (Canada Higher Education IT) conference last year, a gentleman asked me something along the lines of, “what about app development for tablets? Do you need to create a new app, or can you just blow up the smartphone version?” I explained how the use case is often different

Month in Mobile: February 2013

February – the month of cold, snow, love, and mobile (as always!). We saw some interesting and controversial things happen this month. Here are some of them. For consumers First and most importantly, the BlackBerry 10 operating system (OS) was released early on in February, alongside BlackBerry’s flagship device, the BlackBerry Z10. The upside to

An Hour in the Life of a BlackBerry 10 User

CollegeMobile has taken a plunge into the world of BlackBerry 10 (no pun intended). I’ve always been an Android guy, but I’ve been intrigued by the BlackBerry 10 platform. My Samsung Galaxy S II work phone had been the talk of the town at one point, but now I have a personal Samsung Galaxy S

So You Think You Know Smartphones?

Take a minute to guess the top five smartphone vendors in the world for Q4 2012. … You probably guessed Samsung and Apple, and then maybe HTC, LG, Sony, RIM, Microsoft, or Nokia. You are partially right. International market research company IDC reported last Thursday that the top five smartphone vendors, and their respective market share,

“ding free” Shines from Sea to Sea

 The “ding free ATM Locator” app is realizing success from sea to sea. What is ding free, you ask? ding free is a national campaign by Canadian credit unions to promote their network of surcharge-free ATMs. The campaign is focused on a unique ATM Locator App that CollegeMobile developed in 2012. The app is one-of-a-kind,

How to Earn Revenue with Mobile Apps

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but there’s an app for that! I don’t even have to say it, but I will anyways – profit is the end goal of getting a mobile app for your organization. Organizations can earn revenues indirectly through enhanced recruitment and/or retention, or directly by charging customers in one way or

How to Promote Your iPhone App with Smart App Banners

One week ago, I explained the “Top 6 Ways to Promote Your Mobile App.” The sixth method suggested, “Utilize Smart App Banners on iOS 6 to direct mobile users from your full site to your app.” Haven’t heard of Smart App Banners before? Good, because then you will find this interesting (I hope)! Smart App

Top 6 Ways to Promote Your Mobile App

You’ve published an awesome, innovative mobile app, but it has been downloaded less than 500 times in the first month. In agony, you proclaim, “WHYYYY?” Well, fret no more, we have the answer! Mobileapp promotion.   Word of mouth makes mobile apps like Shazam and Songza go viral. There’s certainly a chance that your own

The Demand for Mobile App Developers

As the largest mobile app development company in Saskatchewan, we have collaborated with some great Canadian companies from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario – companies that aim to meet the growing mobile app demand of their customers. But where does this demand come from? Obviously there is a demand for smartphones, with more

Introducing itracks Mobile: A Mobile Bulletin Board Focus Group

itracks is a world-leading provider of online qualitative research tools. Researchers, agencies, and other organizations utilize itracks’ unique tools for full service research in marketing and branding. With more than 500 market research clients and nearly 2.5 million people available to provide answers, it is clear why itracks would be ranked amongst the Top 10

Introducing the Servus Credit Union Mobile App

Servus Credit Union is the third largest credit union in Canada and the largest credit union in Alberta, serving nearly 390,000 members from over 100 locations. We are very proud to announce the launch of Servus Credit Union, the custom-made mobile application for Servus Credit Union members. We collaborated with Servus to create a mobile app

The BlackBerry Image Loader for More Efficient BlackBerry Development

When developing a native mobile app for multiple BlackBerry devices, the variety in screen sizes and resolutions makes loading images fairly complex. The app must detect the BlackBerry model and screen resolution in advance to determine the correct image to load. Since there are a vast number of BlackBerry models, the coding required for this

Introducing DesignShare, the iPad App for Sharing Engineering Design Ideas

Sparta Engineering specializes in the prototype engineering of materials for a variety of industries. Their design process turns customer ideas into reality through the stages of: idea generation & communication, data & parameters, concept development, analysis, detailed modeling, prep for manufacturing, production, and support. Sparta Engineering recognized an opportunity to enhance its design process with an

CANHEIT 2012: Building the Digital University

This year’s Canadian Higher Education Information Technology Conference, CANHEIT 2012: Building the Digital University, was held at the beautiful University of Saskatchewan. CollegeMobile was a proud sponsor of the event and was privileged to present a breakout session to over 80 IT professionals. At the conference, Jess and I found it very obvious that universities

Launching the Wapos Bay iPad App at the Banff World Media Festival

Jenn Egroff, Director of Accounts & Marketing, was excited to represent CollegeMobile at the 2012 Banff World Media Festival this past week, alongside Melanie Jackson, Producer of Wapos Bay. In March, Melanie and I pitched the Wapos Bay Interactive iPad app at the 2012 Saskatchewan Media and Production Industry Association (SMPIA) Multi-PlatFORUM in Regina. We were one