Grid Layout for Scroll View Content of Ambiguous Size in iOS

When developing a heavily UI based iOS application, using auto layout can be quite the love-hate relationship, especially when dealing with the scroll view. Simple layout designs can be quite tricky to implement with one prominent example being implementing a grid-like pattern of arbitrary row and column sizes. Fret not, however, for this tutorial will

Microsoft 2.0

When the word “Apple” is tossed around, the first thing people think of is a vault full of money. Year after year, Apple releases new iterations of their product and people flock to the stores like a pilgrimage to Mecca, adding to the billions Apple has in reserve.  I enjoy the many offerings that Apple

The State of Augmented Reality on Smartphones

From the moment we wake up to the point where we fall asleep, we are continuously subjected to information from around the world. Whether it’s reading the news, watching sport highlights, or scrolling down the Facebook wall – yesterday always feels like a distant past. The Information Age has blessed us with the convenience of

One IDE to Rule Them All

I’ll just start by saying that the end of Visual Studio Express is nigh. Gone are the days where you have to install multiple versions of the express edition to create projects on different platforms. No longer is there a caveat that divides casual and indie developers with professionals using a more sophisticated derivation of Microsoft’s

Our Favourite App – An App Review – Godus

Favourite Mobile App Platforms available The app is currently available on iOS and Steam with a version of Android coming soon. What type of user do you think would enjoy Godus? The people that would enjoy the app the most are users who play games casually and those that enjoy simulation-based games. Godus is a

Meet Our Team – Robert

How long have you worked at Push? I’ve been working at the company for close to 4 years now and counting.   Why did you become a developer? I chose to be a software developer because I have a small love-affair in challenging myself with logical problems (given x and y, solve for z-kind of

Intellectual Property: Protecting Your Software Idea

Building an application for smartphones is a lot like constructing a house. It requires meticulous research & planning, time, energy, and resources. But what if someone else builds a near-identical version of the perfect house you envisioned, undercuts the price, and puts it up for sale right next to your lot? Sadly, unless you are

2014 – The Dawn of Indie Game Development

Most people who enjoy video games can recall the first one they ever played which for me, was the classic Super Mario Bros. Since then, I’ve grown increasingly infatuated with playing video games, buying consoles as they come out and playing as much as I can after school. Thankfully as I grew older I reduced

Windows Phone – The Sleeping Giant

With Apple’s introduction of the iPhone back in 2007 and Google releasing the Android just a year later, no longer is it possible to escape the world of the smartphone. What was once reserved for the aristocrats and Blackberry was the undisputed king, this marvel of technology is fitted in the pockets of millions around