Smartphone Programming Course

CollegeMobile CEO, Chad Jones, will once again be leading the smartphone programming course at the University of Saskatchewan, the first of it’s kind in Canada. Chad spearheaded the course at the U of S in 2009 which is now in it’s third year.

Originally, the course was focused on iPhone development but this year it has been expanded to also touch on Blackberry and Android devices.  To learn more about the course please visit the University of Saskatchewan’s website.

7 responses to “Smartphone Programming Course”

  1. Jdubelya says:

    Can a person audit this class? At Stanford you can just sit in on their Objective C course.

    • CollegeMobile says:

      Yes you can audit the class. The last time we offered the class about twelve students audited.

    • Chad Jones says:

      Yes we had several students audit the class last year.

      • Yudi Xue says:

        Is it possible to present project and get feedbacks as an audit student or it has to be for registered students?

        • Chad Jones says:

          Audit students technically are not supposed to use any time of the instructor or the TAs that’s the UofS rule regarding that.  Having said that I can give you feedback but it won’t be marked like the other projects will and of course won’t get as much attention as the other projects since those students are paying full price and deserve that extra attention.. 

  2. Mike Flat says:

    Smartphone Programming Course!! I haven’t heard of it before. But i will visit this university site for more information. Let’s check if it is beneficial for me also. Thanks, Harley for providing the university link.

  3. Ross Marshall says:

    I am interested in taking this course. I am mostly looking to program for Android tablets, would this be a good course? I understand that if I don’t have the CS prerequisites that I might be able to take it with previous experience. You can ask Doug about me…I have worked with him before.

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