App Review – 7 Minute Workout “Seven”

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It’s  about that time that the first wave of New Years resolutioners fall off the train when it comes to a new beginning of health and fitness.  7 Minute Workout “Seven” is an excellent app to keep you on track.

Based on a scientific studies to maximize your workout in the least amount of time, Seven presents a healthy and attainable challenge of working out just 7 minutes a day for 7 months.

To keep you motivated Seven’s approach to fitness is not unlike your favorite video game.  You are given 3 lives “hearts” per month, miss a day and you lose a heart. Miss 3 days and your progress is reset.  This app is also packed with achievements to give a pat on the back for the duration of the challenge and beyond.

Seven is a well executed fitness companion with automatic progress tracking as you complete a workout. With a variety of workout options to chose from one can go beyond the 7 minutes by completing additional circuits. These features are paired with numerous instructors to guide you through each workout. Chose from “Drill Sergeant”, “Cheerleader”. “Hippie”, or my personal favorite “Kung-Fu Master”.

Favourite thing about the app:

Instead of sitting down to watch a show, I airplay Seven on the TV and my daughters (5 and 3) join right in. The simplicity of the exercises, requiring no additional equipment makes it a great app for all ages and fitness levels. Not only is this app a healthy lifestyle motivator personally, it is helping me lead by example and encourage a healthy lifestyle for my family.

If there is one thing I would change about this app.  I would remove the ability to purchase hearts or at the least have an * when the user posts their success to their favorite social network.

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