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Pinhead Productions is a young company specializing in extended communication through visually engaging software. Pinhead Productions envisioned a custom iPad app that would “provide access to everyone interested in creating artwork using technology, and wishing to have the opportunity to express their ideas and imagination with professional-looking results,” said Carol Casswell, one of Pinhead Productions’ founders.

ARTmaker is a custom mobile app for creating stunning artwork. This iPad app is designed with art teachers in mind; It allows for the creation, editing, and play back of the process step-by-step to better explain difficult concepts.

App Features

  • Keep track of changes, undo mistakes, and go back to any point with the Visual Timeline
  • Play back the creation of your drawing
  • Import images and place them exactly the way you want
  • Use all colours of the rainbow, including transparency for a watercolour effect
  • Share your creations with others by email
  • Control your artwork with an easy-to-use layering tool
  • Vary the size of lines and textures as you draw

Make your ideas come to life with the ARTmaker iPad application.


At the 2012 Houston WorldFest Awards, ARTmaker won five awards:

  • GOLD  for Education,
  • SILVER  for Advertising/Promotion,
  • SILVER  for Internet Commercial,
  • SILVER  for Direct Marketing,
  • SILVER  for Low Budget Production

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