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Health Is Vital


Push Interactions worked with Northern Healthy Communities Partnership to provide an informational app about HIV and AIDS.

This mobile app aims to provide basic, concise and clear information about HIV and AIDS to the general population in Northern Saskatchewan and beyond.

Through different sections the user can:
• Learn about HIV and AIDS basics.
• Review some of the common myths and facts related to HIV and AIDS through an interactive quiz.
• Review practical information about HIV prevention.
• Learn about simple steps that can be taken to make living with HIV easier including information about HIV treatment and HIV in pregnancy.
• Find information about HIV tests, getting tested for HIV and what the tests mean.
• Find links to useful and relevant resources
• Find the location and contact information of testing sites in Saskatchewan, Canada through the GPS finder
The app was developed through Northern Healthy Communities Partnership (NHCP) as part of the Northern Saskatchewan HIV Awareness Initiative, the objectives of which are to encourage HIV testing and reduce stigma related to HIV and AIDS. NHCP is a group of organizations (public, private and non-for profit) who choose to work together to enhance the well-being of individuals, families and communities throughout Northern Saskatchewan.

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