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Raw Food Homescreen
Raw Food Recipe
Raw Food Watermelon Recipe
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Raw Food Homescreen
Raw Food Recipe
Raw Food Watermelon Recipe
Raw Food Shopping List

Preparing awesome simple low fat raw vegan meals anywhere you have your iPhone or iPod has never been so easy.
Chris Kendall’s “The Raw Advantage Raw Recipes” includes:

  • 101 Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes and 32 TRA Retreat Treats Recipes with easy to follow steps
  • Mouthwatering crystal clear pictures and detailed descriptions of each and every recipe
  • Search by category function to view all of your recipes in order
  • Innovative filter by ingredient function to easily find the specific recipes that you can make from ingredients you have on hand
  • Quick and easy keyword search to find all recipes by ingredient or recipe name
  • Clear and concise food combining chart for optimal digestion
  • Raw Food 101 to help bring clarity to the why and how of a Raw Food Lifestyle
  • Helpful Shopping cart function, adding entire recipes to the cart with ease
  • Easily add on to or subtract the total quantity of items in the shopping cart as well as check off and remove from cart as you shop
  • Informative ingredient conversion chart shows calories and various forms of measurement for each individual food in the recipes
  • Helpful tips and tricks for every category of 101 Frickin Rawsome Recipes
  • All recipes in both metric and US Imperial measures
  • Stylish intuitive design and functionality
  • Room to add more Recipe Books in future updates
  • Once installed, no internet connection required to view recipes


Explore 133 mouth-watering, simple, low fat raw food recipes with stunning photography before diving into the detailed description that takes you effortlessly through each dish


If Mother Nature was serving Recipes in the garden of Eden, these would be them!


Search in a variety of ways that will make Decision making at meal time and in the grocery store a Snap. Add meals at a time to your Innovative Shopping cart with a push of a button or decide what you can make for breakfast, lunch, or dinner from whats in your fridge, pantry or fruit basket without a thought.


Enjoy from “101 Frickin” Rawsome Recipes”:


Revitalizing “smoothies”
Awesome”green smoothies”
Wondrous “sweet soups”
Satiating”savory soups”
Original “noodle dishes”
Excellent “special dishes”


Enjoy from “TRA Retreat Treats”:
Mexican Night
Thai Night
Italian Night
Mediterranean Night
East Indian Night
Breakfast Recipes
Our Favorite Drink Recipes


The best of the best Simple Raw Recipes easily summoned in the palm of your hand!


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