Stocard Mobile App Review

An app called Stocard has made my wallet a lot lighter! If you’re like me, your wallet is full of rewards cards to various places and you’ve also got a second wallet full of the less frequently used cards sitting in a drawer somewhere at home. I’m so excited there’s a  mobile app that can

Finding Humor in the Terms Used in App Development

After over a decade in the software and web development industry, developer humor has a special place in my heart. It’s like an ongoing set of inside jokes! Of course, the software that we use to create apps is also created by developers, so I feel like the same sense of humor I’ve loved for years

Apps That Can Compliment Your Long Weekend Plans

Whether you plan on staying home or taking a road trip, there are a number of apps available that can enhance your long weekend activities. Out of Milk Out of Milk can help you prepare for your long weekend plans with customized grocery lists and to-do lists. To learn more, check out my review of

Interactive Children’s Books on Your Smartphone or Tablet

It’s amazing to see how quickly kids learn technology and even more amazing to see how young they start! Before the age of one, my son learned how to unlock my smartphone. Soon after that, he discovered things like swiping to navigate through screens and tapping to open something. I also witnessed our friends’ three

Our Favourite Apps – An App Review – Out of Milk

Favourite Mobile App My favorite mobile app is called Out of Milk   Platforms available Android And now available for iOS!   What type of user do you think would enjoy this app? I believe the type of user that would benefit from this app is very broad. The main features of this app are

Mobile apps as a staple in our everyday lives

Without even looking at the stats for app usage on mobile phones, I can tell just how prevalent mobile apps are in the lives of everyone around me and how much higher that usage is getting based on the amount of general conversation related to the apps we love. A recent example of this is

Meet Our Team – Coralie

How long have you worked at Push? I’ve worked at Push for almost half a year, but have been working in the software development industry for a decade. I’m excited to be a part of the team. Why did you become a developer? I started out as a developer/designer and transitioned into project management later

Managing your vaccination records has never been easier

If you’re like me, you have trouble remembering when your next vaccination is due or what it will be for. Keeping track of our paper vaccination records can be cumbersome. Did I file it in the right place? Is it still in the glove box?? Did I already book the next appointment? There is now a

An App Review: Out of Milk

I’d like to tell you about an app that will make your life a little bit easier. It’s called Out of Milk and I use it every day. Out of Milk is an app that coordinates your shopping, grocery and to-do lists in one place. The app is currently available for Android mobile devices and