Cloud Computing, Mobile and You

You may have heard of “Cloud Computing” throughout the recent years, but what exactly is it? What does it have to do with Mobile and how can it impact app development? There are many different forms of Cloud Computing, 3 of which I will go over with examples of how they can help (or be

Apple WWDC 2015 Predictions

It’s that time of year again. Developers from around the world anticipate the latest and greatest that Apple will announce at the annual WWDC event. Last year, we were introduced to Apple’s new programming language: Swift. In addition to this we got iOS 8, and various new features around it such as HealthKit, HomeKit and

The Return of Blackberry?

The mobile market question One of the biggest questions in the mobile industry right now is with Blackberry. It’s no secret they are in troubled times. They lost significant market share to the likes of Apple and Google with their respective iOS and Android platforms. So what happened to them? Can they make a comeback

Our Favourite Apps – An App Review – Shazam

Favourite Mobile App Shazam Platforms available iOS, Android, Mac, & Windows Shazam Features Shazam identifies songs that it hears. If you are listening to the radio and hear a song you like, but are unsure of the song or artist name, you can use the appto “listen” to the song and tell you all of the details

Meet Our Team – Jordan

How long have you worked at Push? 16 months thus far. Why did you become a developer? At an early age before I even got into high school I was one of those types that always wondered how things were built. Back then I was quite a bit into gaming (still am) and wanted to

Post-PC Era – Is the PC Dead?!

The PC… one of the most dominant technologies for multiple generations. A seemingly unstoppable power. There were those that said it would never die. If you asked someone before 2007 what the PC meant you would get an entirely different answer than you would today. What was once the dominant computing device in everyone’s home