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At Push Interactions we typically build apps for businesses that offer the app to their customers. However another type of app that we build are apps that are for organization’s internal use.

For example:

Scenario – company has a paper form system their internal staff use (often field  employees)

Solution – Push Interactions can digitize this form and make it an app that your employees can use on their smartphone.  The app that is developed never has to go to the public-facing app store and can be published under an Enterprise Account.

Digitizing these process can save not only time but a lot of money as well.

One of our long-time clients is Axon Trucking.  Axon is real-time trucking software.  Trucks use their software to track their deliveries across the globe.  By using a digitized process, the information is recorded right upon delivery of goods and can therefore be invoiced at a quicker rate.  We developed a mobile app that integrated with their existing software for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones.  The popularity of the mobile app led Axon to develop new features with us to add to the existing feature set.

Original Feature Set:

1) Send Order/Ticket information to their Drivers on the road

2) Receive updated transaction information and messages from their Drivers

3) Send free-form messages to their Drivers

4) Maintain an up-to-date record of messages they have sent and received

Additional Feature Set:

1) Print transactions directly from the mobile device

2) Provide Drivers with Map and Directions by including Latitude/Longitude in your messages

3) Send GPS locations back to your Axon software to track your equipment’s last location

4) Send and receive attachments

5) Include a signature capture field in your messages

These new features are a great addition to the existing Axon feature set and we look forward to adding even more innovative features in the future.

If you have an internal paper process that is in need of a face lift, give me a call to discuss how a mobile app can increase efficiency and save you money! Call us at 1-800-298-7081

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