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When I was in school there was nothing more exciting  as fresh back-to-school supplies. The crisp packs of lined and hole-punched paper, the sharp pencil crayons in all of their glory,  fancy new binders, and if you were lucky a fresh pack of Mr. Sketch smelly markers (grape is still my favourite to this day!).  I realize that many of these items are still student necessities, however in this modern-day of technology there are many digital tools that can also help students. I explored 3 of these apps for CTV’s “Best in Class – Back to School App Recommendations” today:


SuperCard Flashcards FREE for Android

Flashcards FREE for iOS

I am wiling to bet that every student in their lifetime has used some sort of flashcards. I found these two free flashcard apps for iPhone and Android and think they are a great alternative to the traditional recipe-card style flashcard. If you have your flashcards on your mobile device (or a parent’s device for the younger students) you can practice absolutely anywhere without having to worry about bringing a big stack of cards with you.  The nice thing about these apps too is you can create your own flashcards but you can also choose from pre-set categories to test your knowledge.

Supercard Flashcards - Android App - Back to school app

Supercard Flashcards for Android



FREE for iOS & Android

When September rolls around there is no better time to get yourself organized. Summer is but a distant twinkle of a memory in your eye and it is time to put your sunscreen and shorts away and get back into the swing of things. Getting organized (whether you are a student or not) is essential! Evernote has been around for a while now and continues to impress the masses. It helps you remember everything you have to do across all of your devices. Evernote will let you take notes, photos, create easy-to-use  to-do-lists, scan business cards, create voice reminders and the best part is you can share this across all of the devices you use whether through an app or your desktop.

Evernote - Back to school app


Google Drive

FREE for iOS,  AndroidGoogle Drive - Back to school app

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer and I want wish good luck to all of the students going back to school!

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