Can you build that (app)?

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We often get questions of what we can build as an app? What are the limitations? The answer is basically anything you can put your imagination to in an app. Think of any App, yes we can build that. We are only limited by Apple’s guidelines and the limitations of the device itself in terms of what is possible and we are very good at working within both of those restrictions to get the most out of the app.

The more important question is “What can we build for budget X?”. Which is a very different question then “what can we build?”. If we have a task that needs to be built in a certain number of man days ($$$ budget) then we need to see if the features desired can be built in that number of man days. So it comes down to a similar question when asking a building to build a house. Can a construction crew build you a house? Sure they can. Can they do it for $100? No of course not. The question becomes for a budget X can you build it?

The same principles that apply to building houses apply to build smartphone and smart watch applications. We have an exceptionally talented crew. Everyone who works at Push Interactions has at least a degree and sometimes a Masters or Ph.D in their field and often many years of experience. If something can be done we can do it. Its always the budget that becomes the question and scaling the project to meet the budget or the budget to meet the project.

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Chad Jones

Chad is the Founder and CEO at Push and was a former Apple Engineer before returning to Saskatchewan to revolutionize the mobile development world. Chad is passionate about creating efficient, well-designed software.