Feature Friday: HauteLook

When I was thinking of my favourite apps this morning I scanned my phone but for some reason passed right over one of my most frequently used apps, HauteLook. I think I passed over it because I thought “Well this app doesn’t improve efficiency, or teach me something or provide a service, it just gets

Apps for cyclists and motorcyclists

It was “Bike Week” on CTV Morning Live today so I picked a selection of apps for those who prefer to travel on two wheels (motorized or human-powered!). EatSleepRide $2.99 for iPhone & soon coming for Android This app is calling itself the most advanced and comprehensive app for motorcycle riders! ESR is a social

How Push Goes Above and Beyond

I wanted to highlight some of the extra things we do for our clients that I think above and beyond what the standard mobile app developers do.  This may help with the decision of who to work with when selecting a mobile app development company.  As always, our main focus is developing quality mobile apps

Push Interactions on CTV Morning Live ~ May 15th

For the month of May I have a mixed bags of apps to review! KIS-SK ~ Keep It Safe Saskatchewan Free for iPhone & Android The mixed bag starts off with the KIS-SK app that we launched with the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute a few weeks ago. Their organization’s mission is to raise awareness and educate

Feature Friday: Duolingo

On the March CTV App Segment I featured the Duolingo app but I wanted to feature it again because this is the best app I have ever used. Best. App. Ever. Period.  Bold statement, but keep on reading to hear why! Duolingo is a completely free app for iPhone or Android that teaches you Spanish, French, Italian,

What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a popular app that I’m sure many of you have heard of, but what is it really for? It’s an application that effectively replaces a lot of the communication your phone is already capable of. WhatsApp allows you to send text messages, pictures, videos, and your location and contact info, easier, cheaper, and

Springtime Apps ~ Push Interactions on CTV Morning Live

When selecting apps for my CTV app reviews I always start by thinking “Is there a major holiday or festive day coming up?” If there isn’t, I usually go to my next question “Is it the beginning of a season?!”  Usually I can answer yes to one of those questions which will launch me into

To allow, or not to allow, that is the question: Push Notifications Part 1

A while ago I read an article entitled “How WalMart, Asda and The Rolling Stones use mobile push notifications“, written by David Moth.  The article explored how these mega brands use push notifications to strategically gather their users attention. The article got me thinking about all of the apps that I have on my phones

Mobile Monday – Space Stretch

What better way to celebrate the start of the week than by featuring one of our CollegeMobile-made apps (soon to be Push Interactions-made apps!).  It occurred to me the other day that I never really talked about this awesome app when we launched it last year. The Space Stretch iPad App made for little ones