Company rebrand ~ A quick update

Back in February we unveiled our new company name to the world! It had definitely been exciting leading up to that point, and the unveiling topped that with all of the positive comments and support coming in from clients, friends, and family. We wanted to do a “soft launch” of our new brand name so

How to market your mobile app part 2

Earlier this week I revisited a previous blog post of ours where we discussed the top 6 ways to market your mobile app. Now the original blog post was written in 2012 so I thought it was important to update our blog with some new ideas! In part 2 of this series I will discuss

How to market your mobile app Part 1

In December of 2012 we wrote a blog posted entitled “Top 6 ways to promote your mobile app“.  One of the most common questions I hear as the marketing person for our company is “How should we market our mobile app?”  I thought this was an important blog topic since it is such a popular

Should you build an app?

Push Interactions is a custom app developer: we’ve primarily only built other people’s apps. This puts us a great position, because we deal with a huge variety of domains, ideas, concepts, and business plans. In this post, I’d like to outline four main types of apps we’ve encountered and built, and what you should know

How Push Goes Above and Beyond

I wanted to highlight some of the extra things we do for our clients that I think above and beyond what the standard mobile app developers do.  This may help with the decision of who to work with when selecting a mobile app development company.  As always, our main focus is developing quality mobile apps

Push Interactions on CTV Morning Live ~ May 15th

For the month of May I have a mixed bags of apps to review! KIS-SK ~ Keep It Safe Saskatchewan Free for iPhone & Android The mixed bag starts off with the KIS-SK app that we launched with the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute a few weeks ago. Their organization’s mission is to raise awareness and educate

Mobile application marketers and industry trends

Have you personally done any marketing? To answer this question, you need to ask yourself other questions like: Did I compete for a job when there were other candidates? Did I compete for a desirable apartment where there were other applicants? Did I arrange my impression to be most favorable to another person? Yes, that’s

Getting users to create app content – Getting started

Last week, I wrote about a special kind of content consumption app where developers could, in essence, trick users into creating content for others to consume, thereby reducing the creation stress on developers. This week, I want to expand on this idea by describing some strategies apps can use to get users started in the

User Generated Content – An Overview

As my PhD supervisor, Carl Gutwin, says: “Ideas are cheap. Good ideas are hard”. Through my years designing mobile apps, I’ve thought hard about what it takes to make a compelling app. What, exactly, makes an app a hit? This is, of course, a loaded question. Apps that fulfill a real human need are easier