Release of I Am Not 4 Sale App

The release of the I Am Not 4 Sale app. Which focuses on preventing sexual exploitation has done very well in getting the word out in the release to the public. Being covered by Newspaper, Radio and TV. As Egadz executive director Don Miekle said the app is really about trying to save lives. “We

Push Interactions recognized as leading Mobile Development Company in Canada According to Clutch

There are many ways that web and mobile applications have managed to change our lives. Thanks to these modern advancements and new technologies, our lives, businesses, and even entertainment have drastically changed compared to 2-3 decades ago. These apps opened new opportunities for companies to expand their businesses online and offline. At Push Interactions, we

Why we adopted DMARC Email Authentication

DMARC, if you haven’t heard of it, is a new standard to help fight spam across the web. It was developed in collaboration by companies including Google, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft and others. Eventually, it may lead to the end of most forms of spam as we currently know it. The protocol used to send emails

The Value of Luck

Go to any business conference or read any business book, and you’ll hear about hard work, dedication, the ability to pivot, and the need to hold true to your vision as key indicators of business success. Never mind that the last two are somewhat contradictory, but those are generally among the Top 10. What a

WWDC 2015 OS Review

WWDC 2015 is the 26th Worldwide Developers Conference hosted by Apple in Moscone West. The conference started with a Keynote, during the keynote Apple announces their latest software (iOS, OSX) and, sometimes, new hardware is also announced (ex. iPhone, Macbook Pro, Mac Pro). Every year a new version of iOS and OSX will be released,

WWDC: Search in iOS 9

This Monday, Apple held their World Wide Developers Conference, WWDC. This annual event is where Apple typically announces the next generation of their software and services. This year was no different, with Apple announcing Mac OS X El Capitan and iOS 9. As with every year, a lot of new features were announced for Apple

Apps That Can Compliment Your Long Weekend Plans

Whether you plan on staying home or taking a road trip, there are a number of apps available that can enhance your long weekend activities. Out of Milk Out of Milk can help you prepare for your long weekend plans with customized grocery lists and to-do lists. To learn more, check out my review of

What is The Cloud, and what can it do for your mobile app?

The term “The Cloud” has been floating around for a few years now, and it’s a nebulous term that can be confusing. When we’re told to store our data “in the cloud” for easier access, it sounds like that data is floating around just above our heads, waiting for us to reach up and grab

Exciting Mobile Trends in 2015

As it is early in 2015 I wanted to list some of the exciting trends we see coming in 2015. Wearables Wearables are something that aren’t really “new” with Android Wear being around for awhile. But with the actual release of Apple Watch to the masses I think this will be the start of a