Deciding Which Smartphone to Choose

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This morning our CEO, Chad Jones, was on Global Morning Saskatoon to talk about the latest smartphone platforms.

Here is a summary of his discussion with Global’s Melissa Nakhavoly:



* Apple has confirmed that the iPhone 5S will be available on September 10th

* iPhones are one of the most expensive phones on the market and have the highest market share

* The iTunes app store has the largest selection of apps compared to other platform’s stores. ¬†The apps on the iTunes store tend to be better because it is easier for developers to develop a consistent and quality product for iPhones as there isn’t any market segmentation as there is with Android devices



* Android devices have the second highest market share after iPhones

* The operating system is done by Google but the phones are done by thousands of different suppliers: Samsung and HTC being two of the most popular in the market

* Android devices tend to be less expensive than an iPhone and have many different screen sizes to choose from

* The different screen sizes and different devices make it a bit more difficult for Android Developers to develop for these phones as they have to take all of the different shapes and sizes into account when developing and testing

* There are still many apps on the Google Play store and lots of them tend to be free

Windows Phone

* The Windows Phone has a smaller market segment vs iPhones and Androids but still produces a nice product

* There are a smaller number of apps on the Windows App store



* BlackBerry’s are a great choice for business as they work great for emails

* If you also enjoy a physical keyboard on your mobile device, BlackBerry’s are a good choice as you can purchase BlackBerry’s with a ¬†physical keyboard


Stay tuned for our iPhone 5S review coming up after September 10th!

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