Why We Don’t Outsource

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We receive communication from time to time – mainly from spammers – hoping we will outsource our work to them.  Some of the benefits they talk about include lower costs of development and quicker time to market. However, our answer is – and will remain so – that we do not outsource our work. We do everything at our local offices, of which a new one will be opening in Toronto soon.

The reason we don’t outsource our work comes back to the mission of our company. Our goal is to “improve quality of life through quality technology” and the truth is that we cannot guarantee the quality of the work if it is outsourced.  It really is that simple.

Anytime you hand over control of your product you don’t know what will happen. They may misconstrue what is to be developed, take shortcuts during the process, or not provide adequate quality assurance checks. We need to be able to deliver quality to our customers every time and we can’t do that when we outsource.

In the past, we outsourced some server side programming, as we wanted to focus our team and their skills on developing for mobile. This directly showed us the difficulty in controlling quality, particularly without the quick access to our Product Directory, and other key decision makers, who are physically located in the same offices.

We realized that the only way to ensure quality was to have end-to-end control over the quality of the product.

So while I’m sure we will continue to receive spam from scammers and perhaps even some real companies which offer outsourcing, we will never use their services.  In order to ensure the quality of our work we have to do it ourselves.  And if we can’t ensure quality on a project, then it is a project we will refuse to take on.

When you work with us, rest assured that all the people working on the project have a commitment to quality and we aren’t just outsourcing your work to the cheapest provider.

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Chad is the Founder and CEO at Push and was a former Apple Engineer before returning to Saskatchewan to revolutionize the mobile development world. Chad is passionate about creating efficient, well-designed software.