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The development of the Youth Centre began in 1988 with discussions regarding “hard to serve” youth. Over the years, the organization has become better known as simply EGADZ. It serves youth across the province.

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The development of the EGADZ Youth Centre began in 1988 with discussions regarding “hard to serve” youth among various agencies. EGADZ was established to address the issues and needs of “hard to serve” youth, offering both a drop-in component where youth could spend time with friends away from the street environment, as well as a recovery therapy component, helping youth find productive solutions to the issues and needs in their lives.

EGADZ Collaboration

In 2021 the team at EGADZ Youth Centre needed provide new services related to keeping youth safe. This included new features such as a “Help Me Now” button where youth could call for help. As well as a 24/7 chat to connect to discuss everyday problems between the youth and workers to address any issues early. As well as other features. For this work EGADZ worked with Push Interactions to design a comprehensive app that provided all the necessary features. The end result was the IAmNot4Sale app which youth can use to call for help, be informed and connect with the Youth Centre 24/7. The app launched in 2021 with good press coverage from local media: Star Pheniox Online, Star Pheniox Newspaper, CTV. Global News, CKOM, Sask Today.

As stated by EGADZ executive director Don Meikle:

“This app is going to be a game-changer in how we support young people who are being sexually exploited, not just here in Saskatoon but in any community in Saskatchewan. The ability for a young person being sexually trafficked to immediately and discreetly have emergency services called right to their exact location is going to save lives.”


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