Our Favourite Apps – An App Review – Out of Milk

Our Favourite Apps – An App Review – Out of Milk Image

Favourite Mobile App

My favorite mobile app is called Out of Milk

Push Interactions App Review - Out of Milk


Platforms available

And now available for iOS!

Push Interactions app review - Out of Milk Platforms


What type of user do you think would enjoy this app?

I believe the type of user that would benefit from this app is very broad. The main features of this app are to-do lists and shopping lists, two things that we can all make use of in some capacity to make our lives easier or more efficient.

Out of Milk Features

Using your Android device, iPhone or desktop computer, Out of Milk gives us all the ability to create custom shopping or to-do lists with ease!

When adding an item to one of your shopping lists, you can add details such as the quantity, price, or description of the item as well as categorize it within a list.

To-do list items can be customized with reminders and notes.

For screenshots and further details on Out of Milk please check out the following blog post: An App Review: Out of Milk 

Push Interactions App Review - Out of Milk Grocery  List

Favourite thing about Out of Milk

I love that lists can be shared with others so that all people impacted by the list have access to the latest version everywhere they go. This is especially useful when collaborating with another person in your household on the grocery list!

Are there any improvements that could be made to Out of Milk?

The one improvement for Out of Milk that comes to mind is fairly minor in the grand scheme of the app. There are times when you drag an item to change it’s order in the list and the change doesn’t seem to “stick” causing the item to move back to it’s original place. This doesn’t happen consistently though and trying another quick drag and drop to change its order usually does the trick.

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Coralie Wheler Photo
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