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Platforms available

iOS & Android


Sleep Cycle Features

By using the phone’s accelerometer and gyroscope (which are very sensitive), the app is able to detect the tiniest motions while you sleep. At the end of the night, the app then presents you with a graph of how you slept; You can see how many sleep cycles you went through, whether you were restless, or even whether you woke up during the night and don’t remember. This data can be stored, catalogued, shared and analyzed.

If you use the alarm function, the app actually WAITS until you’re in a waking phase of sleep to gently wake you up completely. It can sense your movement, and knows not to wake you when you’re in a deep sleep. This alone is worth the price of admission.

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What type of user do you think would enjoy this app?

Anyone who wants to know how they’re actually sleeping.

Favourite thing about Sleep Cycle

Before every sleep it asks about things like coffee intake, or stress. After every sleep, it asks you about your mood. This allows you to get a sense of how you’re feeling after a night’s sleep, and how different factors affect your sleep.

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