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FIXTER is a service to connect local homeowners with quality contractors. Homeowners Post a job, Choose a quote, Get if fixed! Contractors bid on available jobs.

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Services Provided

  • App Design
  • App Development
  • Scalable Technology


Founded in 2021 FIXTER is an app that connects local homeowners with quality contractors. Homeowners “Post a job. Choose a quote. Get if fixed!” and contractors “Bid on home repairs, services, and renovations”. The app contains a ratings system so you know the quality of the contractor you are selecting. Many happy customers have used the app to get jobs done around their homes and businesses.

FIXTER Collaboration

In 2021 the FIXTER team approached Push Interactions about building an app from the ground up. That would include not just the development of the app but complete design as well. FIXTER would be a marketplace for homeowners to get repairs done and contractors to do repairs. This original idea turned into the app FIXTER now available Canada wide to homeowners and contractors.


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