Technology in Saskatchewan – Forming The SKTech Group

Technology in Saskatchewan – Forming The SKTech Group Image

Working with other tech companies in Saskatchewan, we have formed an advocacy group called SKTech (pronounced as “SaskTech”).  One of the purposes of SKTech is to grow the tech sector in the province of Saskatchewan with an alliance of companies including Push Interactions, Zu, Vendasta, GasBuddy,  and other local companies.  At last count, thirty tech companies in the province are represented.

While this is a new group, we are pushing forward quickly. We have worked to create a voice for tech in the province by (among other things) working with the provincial government to create some fresh websites with the Ministry of Economy. The most prominent is a Technology Careers page, highlighting the strengths of Saskatchewan’s tech sector including current career opportunities. In addition, there is an excellent technology investment page, highlighting success stories for the industry and why Saskatchewan is a great province for both businesses and employees to invest in.

The careers page has led to marked increases in the amount of resumes companies are receiving with their job posts, so we can already see the success of our efforts.

We are also working with other groups to promote tech jobs in the province in K-12 and in the post-secondary system as a long term approach to increasing the tech sector in the province.  We are proud of the work we have done so far and we will continue to work and highlight future successes.

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Chad Jones Photo
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Chad is the Founder and CEO at Push and was a former Apple Engineer before returning to Saskatchewan to revolutionize the mobile development world. Chad is passionate about creating efficient, well-designed software.