A good Terms and Conditions is a critical element in the success of an App – Part 2

A good Terms and Conditions is a critical element in the success of an App – Part 2 Image

Continuing our series talking about Terms & Conditions. In most cases you will want to have the document created by a lawyer. That is because the terms and conditions should be tailored for your specific app. Taking into account the unique features and needs of your app.

There also may be some parts of your app which may need a second terms and conditions depending on the circumstances. For example when we created the Take a picture of a cheque and it will deposit at your bank for Affinity Credit Union. We actually had a separate terms and conditions for that feature alone. Only users who wanted to enable and use that feature needed to agree to that separate agreement specifically for that. Since it was very new technology at the time there may be many users who would still want to use the regular banking features of the app but choose to avoid this new feature and any agreements related to it.

Lastly there is a terms and conditions that for example Apple applies to all apps even if you don’t give a terms and conditions in your app. But it isn’t generally recommended to rely on that. If you think you are in a circumstance where you don’t need a lawyer to draft one you can find templates online and can use that as a minimum style approach. Though we still recommend always have a lawyer at least review your Terms and Conditions.

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