iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 – Is it worth the upgrade?

iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 – Is it worth the upgrade? Image

Should I upgrade?

For those out there contemplating upgrading from an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 6, you may be in the same position I was – wondering if the larger screen size was worth the money. However the iPhone 6 is more than just a screen size upgrade on the iPhone 5.

Battery Life

My iPhone 5 simply does not hold a charge like it did when it was new. Often, I would have to plug my phone in mid-way through the day, which can be a nuisance compared to getting a full day out of your phone. With the iPhone 6 upgrade, my battery life has improved by a factor of 2 or more. Some of that is due to the fact the iPhone 5 battery life has been reduced through usage, as all batteries degrade over time, but as this is an upgrade review, I felt it was relevant.

Call Quality

I don’t know why the iPhone 5 would sometimes drop calls, but it happened too often to me. The iPhone 6 seems to be a much better workhorse for the needs of someone who uses their smartphone like a phone. Dropped calls seem non-existent, and the call quality is higher. The speaker has been improved as well, so when going into speakerphone mode, it’s much easier to hear the person on the other end. Coupled with better call quality, this is the best iPhone yet as far as the actual phone experience is concerned.

Bigger screen

Prior to buying and using the iPhone 6, I worried the bigger screen size would be a drawback. I felt it would be harder to handle and I would ultimately want to return to the iPhone 5. However, after some usage, the iPhone 6 works perfectly fine, and I feel the iPhone 5 is small and clunky in comparison. Reading text is much easier on the eyes and watching videos on the device is an amazing experience.

How it feels in your hand

One of the things I noticed after a few weeks with the device, is how much better it is designed to fit in your hand. The iPhone 5 had a very square feel which wasn’t comfortable in the hand, and felt almost foreign to hold. Thanks to its rounded edges, the iPhone 6 gives the holder a better and more comfortable experience.


The iPhone 6 is significantly faster than the iPhone 5 and it is quite obvious in many cases. I think this feature may be as important to some people as all the above combined. We live in a world that wants instant response and feedback when launching an app or moving between screens. The iPhone 6 can handle this much better than the iPhone 5.


The iPhone 6 is a great upgrade from the iPhone 5 and I’m not surprised it’s the best selling iPhone ever. Speed, comfort, and battery life are all significantly improved, and combining that with a large, crisp screen, I think the choice to upgrade is a no brainer.

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