Is Mobile Web Finally Dead?

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“Is mobile web finally dead?”

This question has been discussed for years. In terms of user preference, apps have won out as 85% of users prefer an app over a mobile website. But is mobile web truly dead right now?

The answer depends on the demographics of your users – or more specifically, their phones – and how you think those demographics will change in the future. If you are targeting a tech-loving crowd with the latest smartphone in their hands or the “Generation Y” demographic, then yes, mobile web is dead.

In this case, you shouldn’t spend significant efforts on mobile web but instead invest your time towards a better mobile app for your users. However, if your demographic have a large number of “dumb” phones then it may be valuable to invest more heavily in mobile web over a mobile app.

We don’t believe an app is right for every business – at least not right now – but every forward-looking business should be thinking “mobile”, which usually means they should be thinking about a mobile app.

If your management team doesn’t think mobile is important, remind them that Blockbuster Video ignored the web because they had a business model that worked very well.  This allowed companies like Netflix to take their entire market and put Blockbuster out of business.

Don’t allow your business to become another Blockbuster by ignoring the future.

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