Meet Our Team – Mason

Meet Our Team – Mason Image

Mason 2How long have you worked at Push?

It has been one month that I have been working as a software developer at Push. I joined the Android development team July 2015.

What did you do before joining Push?

I am a recent Master’s of Science graduate in the field Computer Science. I have been a researcher at MADMUC lab under the supervision of Dr. Julita Vassileva for the past two years. My research area is Trust and Reputation Management (TRM) systems. I am also interested in utilizing technology to bring people closer in real life and forming communities among them.

Why did you become a mobile developer?

My journey began with developing software for personal computers running the Windows operating system. After a year or two, following the trend in this field, I continued this journey developing web applications. As you can tell, this cannot be the end of my journey. Otherwise, I had to change the title of this section to “Why did you become a web application developer”. As the smartphone in your pocket can testify to, these days the demand for mobile applications is booming and I wanted to be a part of this movement. Needless to say, this sector of technology has become a vital part of helping successful businesses thrive. A quote from Natasha Koifman, founder of NKPR, in The Globe And Mail says it all:

“According to a recent report from Google, over half of Canadians are using smartphones. This sends a very clear message to brands: If users can’t access your content easily on their mobile devices, you will most likely lose them.” (The Globe And Mail : Keep an eye out for these marketing trends in 2015)

Why did you choose Push?

I have two main criteria for choosing a place to work in:
  1. Missions of the company: The goal of Push is quality app development. I have always wanted to hone my skills with new challenges and Push is the place to be for this purpose. I find Push to be a fast-paced and agile company where you will learn new things each day, no matter how proficient you are at your job.
  2. Members: On average one third of our time is spent at our job. It is important to be a part of a family where each and every one of the members of that family does not mind guiding you through the right direction. Not to mention that the precious knowledge they share is gained from working with some of the top companies and universities in North America.

What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

I have two wonderful friends that keep me company when I am not at work. These friends are inherently deaf and mute. Nevertheless, they teach me a lot and help me relax from stressful days. Let me introduce my friends: book and guitar.