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How long have you worked at Push?

I’ve been working at the company for close to 4 years now and counting.

Meet Our Team - Robert - Windows Developer


Why did you become a developer?

I chose to be a software developer because I have a small love-affair in challenging myself with logical problems (given x and y, solve for z-kind of stuff) as well as having a strong fascination with sophisticated consumer electronics. Although I’ve always excelled in mathematics, I found that this kind of analytical thinking translates well to programming and having a degree in computer science would offer better career paths.

Meet Our Team - Robert - Windows Developer

What type(s) of development do you specialize in?

I primarily focus on developing applications for the iOS and Windows Phone (7.0 +) while having some experience with writing apps for the Blackberry 10.

Meet Our Team - Robert - Windows Developer

What is your favourite thing about working at Push?

Push Interactions is a company that specializes in creating applications for smartphones which is what I enjoy doing most in the field of software development. Technology is constantly evolving and I enjoy applying the new things I learn into the applications I work on. There is also great satisfaction in knowing that the code I write is shipped to the store and has a positive impact on people using the application

Meet Our Team - Robert - Windows Developer

What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

The things I do during my spare time vary greatly depending on the mood I’m in but in general I love to socialize with friends and play video games. I also enjoy watching movies, particularly action and comedy, as well develop personal software projects.


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Robert Kapiszka Photo
Robert Kapiszka Photo
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Robert Kapiszka

Robert Kapiszka is a lifer at Push Interactions, having started working for the company shortly after its inception. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays Robert from the swift completion of his appointed software tasks. He also likes to play soccer and socialize with friends.