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How long have you worked at Push?

About 3 years

Meet Our Team - Shane

Why did you become a developer?

I don’t have a fun story about a light bulb moment that led me to software development. Since I was about 12 years old, it was just what I did. I always connected well with computers. I understood them and they understood me. Thankfully my parents were supportive of that and bought most of the things I “needed” to turn that into a career.

For almost a decade now, I’ve spent more time on the business side than the development side, but for the past month I’ve had my developer cap back on. It’s been great. Computers are the ultimate zen instrument. They do what is asked of them – no more, no less. They listen to you without judgment and they accept your blame with no anger, even though it was likely your fault.

Meet Our Team - Shane

What type(s) of development do you specialize in?

Most of my work experience is on the server side, though recently I have begun to dabble with Android. We are a mobile app development shop, after all!

Meet Our Team - Shane

What is your favourite thing about working at Push?

Everyone here pushes for everyone to get better every day, but does it without harsh judgment. There’s an implied understanding that we aren’t – nor will we ever be – perfect. We can only be better than we were yesterday. I’m a person who loves big, epic moments. But when it comes to continual improvement, slow and steady wins out.

Meet Our Team - Shane

What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

I play a lot of volleyball, and I enjoy lifting things up and putting them back down at the gym.

Meet Our Team - Shane

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Shane Giroux Photo
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Shane Giroux

Shane is the COO at Push and has over ten years of tech-related experience. Shane has had a long-standing love with his many smartphones, tablets and e-readers and knows that "only nothing is impossible".