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We are a mobile app development company serving Yorkton, Saskatchewan. We build secure reliable apps for iOS and Android platforms. We build apps for mobile phones and tablets.


Founded in 2009 Push Interactions is a Saskatchewan based technology company specialized in building mobile apps. We serve the Yorkton Area. Our Saskatchewan based team is focused on creating quality apps for customers primarily for iOS and Android based phones and tablets.
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Mobile App Development for Yorkton

We build mobile apps for both iOS and Android phones and tablets at our headquarters in Saskatchewan. Serving the Yorkton area in Saskatchewan. Starting with our mobile design process followed by a development process which is targeted for each platform.

Mobile App Design

We design the mobile apps we build using modern mobile design techniques for both User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design. The mobile apps are designed for ease of use and to be very intuitive to use for users. Over the years well over a million users have used the mobile apps we have designed and built.

Android App Development

We build for Android phones and tablets targeting the phones and tablets with native code. We also handle pushing the Android App to Google Play on your behalf. When we design and build the Android apps we use the latest tools and techniques recommended by Google.

iOS App Development

We build specifically for iOS devices both iPhone apps and iPad apps using the latest tools and techniques recommended by Apple. We also handle pushing the iOS App to the Apple App Store and the iOS App Review process. During the iOS design phase we will also let you know any issues or concerns which may not allow your idea to pass App Review.



Our Saskatchewan based team is lead by three individuals Chad Jones who formerly worked for Apple at their Cupertino, California headquarters and taught the first university accredited iPhone programming class in Canada. As well as Shane Giroux who has over 20 years experience in design of large systems. And Conrad Youngman who used to manage projects at Oxford University in England. All three team leaders are located at our headquarters in Saskatchewan within driving distance of Yorkton, Saskatchewan.

Team Members

We pride ourselves on our excellent team of technical talent based in Saskatchewan within driving distance of Yorkton. We have worked hard to find and cultivate the best talent we could find to build and design your mobile apps. We believe we have an exceptionally strong team of mobile app developers and others in our industry agree.


We don't outsource our work. All our work is done in house at our Saskatchewan based headquarters. Which our entire staff works at everything from design, development, testing and app publishing. Many teams you talk with it won't be local talent and workers doing the work. With us everything is done locally, at our Saskatchewan based headquarters, near Yorkton. We do this to ensure the quality of the work through our talented staff.
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We are a very talented team of designers and developers. We can work with you to bring your idea to life right from the initial idea phase to a working scalable solution available to users. We have worked with large and small businesses. Everything from huge companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) down to one person companies, some of whom later received a multi-million dollar investment. So we have knowledge on how to work with all types of companies and groups and can create quality apps.


Here are a few quotes from some of our customers:

"Push Interactions has played an integral role in helping Football Operations streamline our day to day processes and unique work flow. With their expertise and commitment to providing tailored solutions, we are now running much more efficiently. Push Interactions is a partner we can trust and rely on."
-Chad Hudson, Manager, Saskatchewan Roughriders

"The Push Interactions team is creative, competent, experienced, and committed when it comes to mobile application development, with particularly deep expertise on the Apple iOS platform."
-Tina Merrifield, Communications Manager, Affinity Credit Union

"Have a talk with Push Interactions. It will be a worthwhile investment of your time."
-Steve Whittington, The Flaman Group

More customer quotes can be found on our Testimonials page.


Our app development process uses the latest techniques and technologies recommended for iOS and Android app development by Apple and Google. We start the process with a mobile app design phase. Where we determine all aspects of the app you want to build. Followed by actual development of the app where we will regularly give you progress builds so you can review the app as it is built following agile development methodology. Finally when the app is completed and approved by the customer we handle pushing the app to the app store.

Step 1: Mobile App Design Phase

The first step in building an app is the design process. In our Mobile App Design process we discuss with you what you want your app to do. We gather information which is used to build a mockup of the app. This can be an interactive prototype or simply a series of photos of what each screen in the app will look like. It is during this phase that we will let you know about any restrictions the App Store Review process may put on your App's design. Once we have completed the mobile app design phase we are ready to move onto the app development phase.

Step 2: Mobile App Development Phase

The mobile development phase is where the actual mobile app is developed. We use the designs built during the app design phase and build out each of the screens in an order that makes sense for that app. The mobile app development phase is broken into different milestones. During the development phase after each milestone we deliver a build for the client to test. So they can see the progress as the app is built. Also, during the development phase if something is desired to be modified or change from the original designs we can make those changes during the development process. Once the development process is complete a final sign off by the client is done. Then we take care of pushing the apps to the respective app stores as well as the App Review process.

Step 3: Ongoing Support

Once an app is pushed to the store that is not the end of the process. In fact it should just be the start of the ongoing life of your app. We provide ongoing support for all the apps we build which protects against bugs as well as breaking changes caused by Apple and Google upgrading their phones and operating systems. This ongoing support is something we offer to all our customers and we highly recommend it. Your users will have feedback and ideas you didn't anticipate and you will want to incorporate some of those ideas to improve your app.

Saskatchewan Location

Our Saskatchewan Location serving Yorkton Saskatchewan is located at 205 - 415 Wellman Crescent, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Map shown below.
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