Mobile apps as a staple in our everyday lives

Mobile apps as a staple in our everyday lives Image

Without even looking at the stats for app usage on mobile phones, I can tell just how prevalent mobile apps are in the lives of everyone around me and how much higher that usage is getting based on the amount of general conversation related to the apps we love. A recent example of this is my search for a new app that can be used to keep track of wine that I like.

Everyone has their own style of research that works for them. Lately, I’ve found that a fairly effective form of research is to post on Facebook asking friends for their input or experience on a topic or product. People are happy to share their experiences and the conversation is joined by others who would like to hear answers to the same question. The best part of this method of research is that I know the person giving the feedback so it comes with an added level of trust and allows me to better apply that knowledge to whether it would work for me or not. It’s a fantastic show of support and willingness to share information that I’ve been very grateful for!

I usually expect a good turnout in commenting on topics related to houses, cars, kids – the things that most of the people around me can relate to and provide insight on regardless of their line of work, background or training. These things are just a given in the lives of the people around me. Mobile apps are such a staple in our lives now that it’s a topic that I felt would provide good results when casting a net as wide as a Facebook post to gather information with.

In my search for a wine tracking app, I was specifically looking for something that would log the brand, type, price, and possibly a note about where I bought it from. I was surprised to find that the votes were unanimous – Vivino got great reviews from everyone! And in the process a number of other people recognized the value in an app with these features and were able to benefit from those that so generously shared their thoughts.


After installing Vivino, I see why it deserved the unanimous vote! Not only does it track all of the information I was asking for, it seems like a solidly built app with a great design and overall user experience. The features included are much more than the beginner level wine connoisseur in me will ever need but I can see why it appeals to such a wide audience. This free app certainly provides value to wine connoisseurs at all levels!

In case you’re interested in trying Vivino out for yourself, it’s available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.


This information gathering experience was a win-win for me! Great information from great people on a topic that I’m growing more and more passionate about as mobile apps become a bigger part of my day-to-day life. With all of the fun new mobile devices available now and the impressive upward trends for mobile app usage, it’s definitely an exciting time to be developing mobile apps!

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Coralie Wheler Photo
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