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The Auditory Concentration Test App (TACT) is a great example of one of our apps that truly improves the quality of life for the user.  Designed by Declan Quinn, Mb., FRCPC, a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, the Auditory Concentration Test is a continuous performance test used to measure sustained attention in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders.  The test is designed to show patients and families the responses to the use of a stimulant medication in ADHD (however it is not diagnostic for ADHD).


1) The TACT is a continuous performance test designed to measure errors of commission, errors of omission and variability of scoring over a 15 minute time span.

2) A total score is given with the number of accurate responses (omissions) and mistakes (commissions) as well as a score minute by minute.

3) It can be used to demonstrate clinical response to stimulant medication for patients and families.

4) It is not a diagnostic test for ADHD. It demonstrates clinical improvement 90 minutes from baseline after medication has been taken.

5) It should be administered by a physician or a specifically trained healthcare professional such as a nurse or psychologist in association with a physician.

6) It can be considered part of the assessment and treatment of ADHD and the response to medication.

7) It does not replace a comprehensive clinical assessment and evaluation.

8) It can be used for research purposes.

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