Most Revenue will come from a small number of your App Users

Most Revenue will come from a small number of your App Users Image

When meeting with clients and talking about how to build their app. One discussion point that often comes up is charging for the app and the business model involved. In building apps it is important to remember that in many cases only a minority of users will ever pay for your app or do any kind of In-App purchases or any other paid subscription. There will be a small number of your users who will not have a problem paying as long as they are seeing value. Often times it is better to focus on those paying users even if they are small in numbers when trying to maximize revenue. Since only a small number of users will often be responsible for a majority of your revenue. Certainly there are exceptions to this rule in the App world but in most apps this is the case. That most of your users will end up paying nothing and only a small minority of users will be responsible for the majority of your revenue.

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