Digi Award Nomination

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CollegeMobile is honoured to have been one of three nominees for Canada’s 2011 Top Development Team at the prestigious nextMEDIA Digi Awards. This award recognizes “the top Canadian development teams that have demonstrated excellence in cutting-edge programming in any language, towards any digital initiative.” Our nomination for this award was made possible by the extraordinary individual and collective efforts of the team. Prior to the Gala, Chad Jones, CEO, quoted:

“Our skilled mobile development team evolved by finding and recruiting only the best people. We continue this tradition by getting those same great people to help recruit others. With these connections, we’ve been picking the right people to ensure our team has a mix of skills that work best together.”

Not only is our team talented, but they’re also innovative, dedicated, dynamic, and fun. The evidence is in our innovative mobile apps, continuous collaboration, numerous overtime hours, and video game tournaments during lunch breaks.
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The awards took place in downtown Toronto on December 6, 2011. CollegeMobile, alongside Noodlecake Studios, proudly represented Saskatchewan digital media at this prestigious event. It’s very exciting that our province is being recognized as having some of the most talented development teams – especially since we are one of them!

SMPIA Digital Media Initiative Manager Nova Alberts was thrilled to see both nominations at this year’s awards. “Saskatchewan has incredible interactive talent and expertise, and it’s wonderful to see our members finally being formally recognized on the national front.”

Our team would like to congratulate all of the Digi Award winners on their success and exceptional work in the Canadian digital industry.