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PTI Transformers is one of Canada’s leading experts in transformer technology.

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About PTI Transformers

PTI Transformers is one of Canada’s leading experts in transformer technology. PTI (Partner Technologies Incorporated) specializes in the servicing of electrical Transformers, Reclosers, Regulators, electronic controls, and distribution equipment.  PTI is registered to the current version of ISO 9001 Quality Management System. PTI has over 100 employees and been named one of Saskatchewan’s top 100 Companies many years in a row under the PTI Group of Companies.

PTI Transformers Collaboration

In 2010 PTI (Parter Technologies Incorporated) contacted Push Interactions to develop an app that would be useful for its clients in selecting their products. The app was built for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. BlackBerry being a key platform at the time they wanted to target which we were one of the few companies at the time which could build apps for BlackBerry. We built the app supporting all the major models of phone from that time and have continued to maintain and update the app over time. The app remains in use by PTI‘s customers recommending the right solutions to this day.

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