Announcing: Partnership Between Push Interactions & TomTom

Announcing: Partnership Between Push Interactions & TomTom Image

Push Interactions is pleased to announce a partnership with TomTom (, in Canada.

TomTom Telematics is a world leader in Fleet Management & Vehicle Tracking Solutions. Its unique solutions allow for fleet and driver management, up-to-date navigation, routing, and dispatch. With these solutions, you can update orders, send job details and keep track of vehicles in real-time, allowing you to increase productivity, lower operational costs and expedite unusually lengthy processes.

This joint partnership will allow Push Interactions and TomTom Telematics to offer a feature-rich dispatching solution for companies with a fleet of vehicles and trucks. By integrating together two industry-leading software platforms, companies will now be able to communicate with their drivers more effectively and efficiently, thus freeing up their valuable time and resources for other tasks. The solution offering will also allow for back-end payroll and accounting integration, consequently eliminating the need for manual payroll processes.

With regards to this new and exciting partnership, Barry Lee from TomTom Telematics noted that: “This joint partnership will allow TomTom Telematics and Push Interactions to provide a compelling integrated software offering that will give businesses the power to increase their operation efficiencies, reduce costs, and provide a strong return on investment.” Chad Jones, CEO of Push Interactions, also noted: “This partnership is a great opportunity for us to continue to create quality software for even more users in the future and extend the reach of our software.”

Push Interactions is delighted to have a partnership with TomTom. If you have any questions with regards to what Push Interactions can do for your business, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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