So You Have an iOS App. Now What?

So You Have an iOS App. Now What? Image

In this day and age it seems that everyone has a smartphone.  This increased demand for smartphones has of course created an increased demand for smartphone apps.  Although there are a few different top mobile platforms to develop for (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, BB10 and Windows Phone), many companies choose one or two platforms that will target the mass majority of their user groups.  Apple and Android users are most prominent in North American and many companies choose to develop one of those platforms for their first app.

Recently we have been noticing a trend; we have  been approached by companies that have developed an iPhone app but now want to branch out and see what other users they could get by adding additional platforms.  As many of you know, at CollegeMobile we develop for all of the leading platforms which tends to be unusual in our market. Our software engineers specialize in one (sometimes two) platform[s] so the end product they develop is of the utmost quality and conforms seamlessly to that platform’s guidelines and standards.  When we meet clients that already have an iPhone app our first two suggestions are to develop for Android and the iPad.  By expanding to these two platforms a company can spread its reach even further and cover many of the smartphone users in the market.  Also sometimes larger companies who have users across North American will want to accommodate all of their potential users so they will develop for all of the platforms.  One other thing we noticed is that although users personal phones are iPhones and Android devices, their work devices may be BlackBerry due to the widespread adoption of BlackBerry by business.  We have dedicated BlackBerry and BlackBerry10 developers on our team that can accommodate this demand.

If your origination currently has an app for one platform, give us a call or shoot me an email and we can talk about expanding your app to other platforms that will help you gain more exposure to your target market: Contact us.

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