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The SSL HeartBleed bug is a serious vulnerability in the security layer of the internet.  It has been around since December 2011 and it is estimated the “bad guys” have known about this vulnerability since about mid 2012. The vulnerability allows attackers to read secure traffic while it is in transit.  It affects approximately 20% of the websites on the internet including many popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Amazon, Instagram, Tumblr, DropBox and others such as the CRA website.  You can test if a website is effected or not by using the following redirect we setup:

You can use this to test any websites you are using to see if they are affected. Any traffic which you sent to these websites you should assume that the traffic is compromised.  Information such as passwords, credit card information you should assume is compromised and to protect yourself you should go through and change your passwords and get your credit card issuers to reissue you credit cards if you used credit cards with these websites.

You can find more information about this online here:

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