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I was looking for some new cool apps to download the other day so I headed over to the App Store and checked out the “best new apps” tab. I find that searching for apps is like searching for a good book. I first check out the app icons (Yes, yes I know! I shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but come on, we eat with our eyes first!). Then once I have selected an icon I like, I check out the screenshots and finally read the details. If all of those checkpoints pass my test I will then go ahead and download the app. From there I can barely stand the anticipation as it downloads! Is it going to be good? It is going to be bad? Is it going to be a life changer????! The possibilities are truly endless.

Stay Curious

I digress. The point was to tell you about the cool new app that I downloaded called Curious. Curious is an app “designed for the lifelong learner in each of us”. Once you launch Curious you will find thousands of different lessons taught by experts around the world. The topics range from arts and crafts, cooking, DIY, home and garden, music, software all the way to sports, life skills and tons of other cool topics. Under those topics you will find short videos that will teach you about the topic. Every day they have a new feature that span all different types of topics. I also tried out a tutorial for making your own cider and it had little mini quizzes throughout the video to test your knowledge of what you were learning.

Another thing that I like about the app is it is bright and cheerful and has nice little graphics (again I am a sucker for the visual aspects!). I also enjoy getting one email a day from Curious with the featured post. I thought at first I may get annoyed with their emails everyday but I have found the topics really interesting so far, and I guess if I am not interested in a feature that they send me, I will just choose not to read it! Problem solved!

I encourage you to download this and and of course always stay curious!

You can find the Curious app on the iTunes store HERE.

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