Stock Image sites are great sources of images and videos for your app

Stock Image sites are great sources of images and videos for your app Image

In today’s world of designing and building apps. Your app needs to look great to stand out. A great background image, icons and videos can take an app to the next level for users. For this we use really two sites consistently to source our photos and videos for when we need something great. The two sites we use often are iStockPhoto and ShutterStock. The latter of the two ShutterStock also has excellent video clips as well as photos. The videos is something that has really emerged in the last couple years. You just type what you are looking for, for example “people picnic” and then there are many videos to pick from as you can see here for that search. There are also free sites as well where you can find stock images but the paid sites we listed above often produce better content (though not always) at reasonable prices. But we certainly recommend the above two paid sites and use them in our apps to give a great experience as well as a royalty free image or video to use in an app. Always consider giving your app that extra edge by adding that great image or video.

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