Stress or Pressure?

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I read a great post by Steven Sinofsky yesterday, titled “Stress or Pressure?” It’s a repost from a while back, but is timeless wisdom from a very smart man. For those who don’t know him, Steven Sinofsky worked at Microsoft for over 20 years, his last stint was as the President of the Windows division. As President, he helped bring a few products to life that you may have heard of. Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8,, SkyDrive…stop me when I get to one you’ve heard of…

At Push, we are building a team that can deliver under pressure, and knows how to turn possible negative stress into good pressure. Pressure to perform. Pressure to deliver. Pressure to improve. We strive for continuous improvement every day, both to serve our clients better, and to become better people and a better team. We can see the long-term results that come from the short-term focuses, and our mobile apps are continually reaching new levels of quality.

The path is long and challenging, but nothing good ever comes easy. Our vision is improving quality of life through quality software. It’s a noble and challenging goal, in our humble opinion, and we’re excited to strive towards it, step by step, day by day.

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Shane is the COO at Push and has over ten years of tech-related experience. Shane has had a long-standing love with his many smartphones, tablets and e-readers and knows that "only nothing is impossible".