A good Terms and Conditions is a critical element in the success of an App

A good Terms and Conditions is a critical element in the success of an App Image

That initial Terms and Conditions screen that users see at the start of using an app. Most users see as a minor annoyance to tap through and not read. That screen and the legal agreement attached to it are a critical element in the success of an app.

The Terms and Conditions agreement protects the company who is responsible for the app from unexpected legal lawsuits. We always recommend that an App’s Terms and Conditions be created by a lawyer with elements that are tailored to that specific app. Most medium or large size firms will be able to create a Terms and Conditions for an app as it is a more common thing to do in the 2020s. It might cost a couple thousand dollars to get a good Terms and Conditions created for your app but that money is well spent to protect you and your company. That protection is from any issues real or imagined that may arise out of the use of your app by users. As an app becomes more successful and gets more users over time that legal protection offered by the Terms and Conditions grows with each new user on the platform.

Keep in mind it usually takes around a month to get a Terms and Conditions created by a legal firm so you should consider this step well before the project is near completion. We have seen several projects delayed because the Terms and Conditions was not addressed earlier in the development cycle so keep that in mind.

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