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I want to highlight on of the apps we published back in 2013. We worked with Sara from Trusted Canada to present the list of Trusted Businesses in both Saskatoon and Regina. The Trusted list is a list of curated businesses who have been verified by Sara as businesses that offer value to their customers and do not try to take advantage of their customers.

The Trusted list offers customers valuable insight into what businesses they want to work with. Sara moved to Canada from Europe and when she arrived she wasn’t sure what businesses were safe to work with or who to choose. Aside from trying to choose someone out of the yellow pages, she didn’t have much more for resources to go from. She thought of this as a businesses opportunity that could be addressed and so Trusted Canada was born.

Trusted has grown and now covers both Regina and Saskatoon and expansion plans for other cities are underway. When we worked with Sara we wanted to build an app that had that local flare that she brings as well as giving users access to the Trusted list of businesses easy at their fingertips. The local flare we provided by having an ongoing running contest in the app. Users at any point in time can enter for periodic prizes and can win prizes which are provided with the help of the Trusted businesses. The app also lists the Trusted businesses with a couple providers or vendors for each category. This is to give users choice and not just to choose the one business that Sara recommends but present a few trusted options. If you are looking for an electrician in Saskatoon, there are three different businesses in this category. In the app we also didn’t want to give preference to one businesses over another so the order of the list is randomized. Meaning if one person opens the Electricians list in the Trusted app they will see a different ordering than another person. This is to provide choice but without any bias beyond the fact that businesses are Trusted.

Trusted is a business that has won Saskatchewan wide businesses awards as well as a year ago winning two International business awards.

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