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The highlight from our portfolio today is the ULeth Toolkit App for iPhone and Android. This app was published in early September this year and was was developed with funding from the Status of Women Canada, and has been supported through a partnership between the University of Lethbridge, the YWCA Lethbridge and the Sexual Violence Action Committee. They wanted to create a mobile app that students could download that would be a safety toolkit and give them information about keeping safe.

ULeth Safety Toolkit

The ULeth Toolkit was designed to help students, staff, faculty and visitors finds their way around campus, take advantage of all the University of Lethbridge has to offer, and to enhance the safety of the University of Lethbridge campus.

The toolkit provides users with:

1) Campus maps

ULeth Safety Toolkit - Maps

2) Quick links to on and off campus services

3) Security features

4) Ways to get involved with the campus community

5) Resources for keeping campus safe

ULeth Safety ToolkitULeth Safety Toolkit


You can download the ULeth Toolkit FREE on the iTunes store and on Google Play.

If you have an idea that needs an app, let us know! The idea can be big or it can be small. Call us anytime at 306-715-0216 or toll free at 1-800-298-7081, we would love to hear from you.

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