Use These Smart Apps to Make Your House Smarter

Use These Smart Apps to Make Your House Smarter Image

Technology for home automation such as climate control and lighting is considerably popular. Over the last few years, this technology has made homes smarter and improved functionality. The use of smartphones, tablets, and innovative apps can help homes function more efficiently. It is important to add that the use of an app or a smartphone does not require ripping up flooring or tearing out walls. Controlling the features of the home and its systems has become an effortless process. In most cases, home automation and using an app can save money and time for homeowners. And it will give your resell value a nice boost when it comes time to move.

Changing Temperature

An ideal use for home automation is programmable thermostats. This feature can allow homeowners to create a schedule for adjusting temperatures inside the home. This is a HVAC tool that can save money on heating and cooling bills. There is a programmable thermostat available by Nest that is used to adapt to the heating preferences of the home. This usually occurs automatically over time. After the thermostat identifies how the temperature in the home is manually adjusted, the device will start making adjustments automatically.

There is also a useful feature that connects the thermostat to the app via an open Wi-Fi network. This allows the homeowner to adjust temperatures using the Nest iPhone app. Adjusting the temperature of the home can be performed from anywhere. Whether the homeowner is lying in bed or riding inside a cab on the way home, this device is considerably useful.

Adjusting Lighting

In many ways, adjusting the lighting in the home can offer a sense of security and comfort. Currently, there are several devices on the market that can make adjusting lighting in the home simple and easy. Belkin offers a WeMo device that uses Wi-Fi to help homeowners control different household devices using an innovative app. Devices include lighting options such as lamps as well as other devices such as TVs and space heaters.

This device is used by the iOS system on the iPhone. The app allows homeowners to remotely control lamps and lightening while away from home. This can save money and create a regular schedule for lighting. There is also a more expensive version of the device that includes a motion detector that turns on the lights when motion is detected in the room. It is important to note that this device is available with a web service. The Ifttt web service allows users to create guidelines such as sending a text message when doors are opened.

Another innovative product is Hue from Philips. The Hue is an LED light bulb that is designed using built-in wireless controls. These useful bulbs can be programmed to dim, light up, and shut off using an iPad or iPhone. These cool light bulbs can even change colors. The Hue produces an amount of light equivalent to a 50-watt incandescent bulb.

Home Automation

Many homeowners desire to create a fully integrated home. These homeowners want a complete system that offers control over security, lightening, and entertainment. There are companies such as Control4, AMX, and Crestron that offer complete home automation packages. However, these systems are expensive and require professional installation.

There are also several national providers that offer home automation packages. These providers offer excellent services that include monitoring for emergencies, burglaries, and fires. Comcast currently offers this service for its Xfinity Home subscribers. This service allows homeowners to monitor the home via a smartphone app. Subscribers can use the app to control lights, thermostats, and security cameras. There are also extra gadgets such as locks, water sensors, and carbon monoxide detectors.

Vivint is another provider that offers a similar home automation service. This is a basic security service that includes useful energy management features and door locks. Vivint’s service is considerably cheaper than Comcast’s Xfinity; however, the economy package will require a five-year contract.


Controlling the features of the home is an ideal way to make the home smarter and make the home function more smoothly. Homeowners can control different aspects of the home via smartphones and tablets. The main advantages of using these products includes saving money and increasing the functionality of the home.

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