Weaving the Strands of the App Development Business

Weaving the Strands of the App Development Business Image

I’m a bit of a sci-fi fan, and am quite intrigued in stories involving parallel timelines. In one timeline, I could be a completely different person. Perhaps the exact opposite of who I am in this timeline. Or perhaps some of my decisions in this timeline affect my other counterparts, possibly very directly or somewhat disconnectedly.

I’ve found the simplest and most powerful visualization of this idea is to think of time as strands on a spider web. Pluck one strand and countless other strands feel the repercussions. These strand can run completely independent of some, but may directly cross over with others.

I was never entirely sure why I was so attracted to those stories. So I delved into it to find out. I read a few more books, had some debates and discussions with people who probably didn’t even realize that I was exploring one idea by finding connections in completely different concepts.

What I found is that – among a few other reasons – it so intrigues me because it often comes down to the power of choices. We won’t get into what a choice actually is and whether or not choice truly exists. Regardless, what we perceive as choices are immensely powerful things that can have a profound impact not only on our lives, but others.

Why is this important to us as an app development company? Because it’s important to realize that even the smallest choice we make can have immense repercussions, both to the business we are growing and to the apps we are developing. And to the people we employ and the clients we serve. It’s quite the responsibility!

On every project we are tasked with choices and the choices we make – and how we communicate and react to those choices – are extremely key to the success of the app. Both from the perspective of the client who has paid their hard earned money to see their idea come to life, and from the perspective of our team who worked hard to earn their money in delivering that idea.

Rarely are two choices and circumstances the same, and so we have to use our experience to guide us while ensuring we treat each situation independently, with the goal of making far more “right” decisions than “wrong” ones.

It sometimes feels like a grueling chess match to analyze all the possible outcomes of a single move, but as I see our employee and customer satisfaction grow with each passing day, I know the effort is worth it.

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Shane Giroux Photo
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Shane Giroux

Shane is the COO at Push and has over ten years of tech-related experience. Shane has had a long-standing love with his many smartphones, tablets and e-readers and knows that "only nothing is impossible".