What We Do

In today’s society, most of us won’t leave home without our smartphones. From social networking to shopping to sharing important business documents, we put our smartphones and their mobile apps to work every day.

The question is: how can mobile apps work for you?

We believe that mobile apps are effective brand-strengthening tools, creating and maintaining positive audience engagement all while gathering powerful data about the way users interact with your brand.

Smart people use smartphones. They can easily differentiate between an exceptional mobile app and one that fails to impress. This is why we go to great lengths to equip you with an app thoughtfully catered to your quality brand. Using our collaborative development method, we work with you to develop a product that is original, feature-rich, and fully functional.

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So you’ve got an idea. Now what?

Whether you’ve been struck by creative genius or you’ve been diligently working away at your company’s latest campaign, Push Interactions will bring your idea to life through the use of native mobile apps.

What’s a native mobile app, you ask?

Let’s start with the basics:

Not all smartphones are coded in the same language. In fact, there are separate languages for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, BlackBerry10, and Windows Phone. When it comes time to program, Push developers produce device-specific codes, which translates into faster and more reliable performance. Native app development also allows for you access to devices internal to the smartphone – its built-in camera or GPS program, for example. Finally, they boast better offline capabilities, so your users can continue to engage with your mobile app even when they are not active on a network.

But wait… there’s more!

Push Interactions is celebrated for our industry-leading native mobile apps, but we are able to produce the ancillary components for your project, too. Whether you require a server, website, graphic design, or other elements to complete your mobile app, our dedicated team will coordinate all of the moving pieces so you don’t have to.

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