Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Development

Q: What is the difference between a native app and a web app?

A: A native app is software developed for a specific mobile platform. A native app, along with much of its content, exists on the end-user’s mobile device. A web app is a webpage designed for use within multiple mobile browsers. A web app requires an Internet connection for the end-user to access the app and its content. For more information, visit our blog post: Understanding Native Apps.” 

Q: Does CollegeMobile develop native apps or web apps?

A: CollegeMobile develops native apps. Our focus is on developing native apps because they deliver superior performance and functionality. Our experienced mobile developers specialize in Apple iOS, Android™, BlackBerry®, and Windows® Phone development for smartphones and tablets.

Q: How long does it typically take to develop a mobile app?

A: Development can take anywhere from two to four months after the initial kick-off meeting. Timelines are always dependent on timely communication between the client and our development team.

Q: What are the steps involved in creating a mobile app?

1. Planning

First step involves determining your goal, objectives, and needs. If necessary, we next determine the feasibility of integration (with your web or backend systems) and discuss your timeline and budget. From there, we prepare a proposal, defining the scope of the project and projected timeline.

2. Development

Once a contract has been agreed to/signed, we have a kick-off meeting or call to launch development. Throughout the process, we send frequent builds to ensure that the app meets and exceeds your expectations. We also regularly test the app throughout the process to ensure any software bugs are resolved as soon as possible.

 3. Publication

When the app is finished, we submit it to the various app stores for approval. It typically takes 1-2 weeks before it is publically available to download. We offer an annual Version Guarantee and Support Package to ensure compatibility with new devices and operating systems.

Q: What types of organizations have you developed mobile apps for?

A: CollegeMobile creates custom mobile apps for organizations in numerous industries, including financial, healthcare, retail, government, and more. To see examples of clients we have worked with, visit our Portfolio

Q: What is a typical budget for a multi-platform mobile app?

A: A feature-rich, natively developed app for Apple iOS, Android, and BlackBerry can range anywhere from $20K – $50K. A multi-feature app might include news, events, maps, and information from a client database, for example. Pricing is dependent on the complexity of features, the level of integration with your organization’s existing databases, and the number of mobile platforms.

Q: What should we prepare for starting development?

A: For us to meet and exceed your expectations, it is beneficial to clarify your objectives, needs, budget, and timelines before we begin development.

For more information, contact our team of mobile specialists.

Platform Support

When developing apps, we typically target the following platform versions, though these are flexible based on features required:

  • Apple iOS 5.0+
  • Android™ 2.3+
  • BlackBerry® 5.0+
  • Windows® Phone 7.5+

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