BlackBerry Image Loader


When developing a native mobile app for multiple BlackBerry devices, the variety in screen sizes and resolutions makes loading images fairly complex. The app must detect the BlackBerry model and screen resolution in advance to determine the correct image to load. Since there are a vast number of BlackBerry models, the coding required for this process can be tediously long and difficult to organize across multiple devices.


The BlackBerry Image Loader is a free support library for BlackBerry 5, 6, and 7 that relieves BlackBerry developers from the cumbersome image loading process. The programmer must simply put the image file in the appropriate screen resolution folder and call the loading function. The BlackBerry Image Loader then streamlines the process of detecting the BlackBerry model and screen resolution by automatically selecting and returning the Bitmap object of the correct image file.

The BlackBerry Image Loader, courtesy of Push Interactions, is available free of charge for BlackBerry developers under a New BSD License. Enjoy!

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