We at Push Interactions believe in teamwork and hard work. These values have guided the careful recruitment of a strong, skilled, and collaborative team. With over a dozen developers specializing in each of the top operating systems (i.e., Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Blackberry10 and Windows Phone) and a dedicated group of leaders at the company’s helm, together we have the experience and resources required to meet your every app-related need. Our talented Push developers work hard to provide clients with functional, powerful, and feature-rich mobile solutions exceeding industry standards.


Many of our developers are graduates of Push CEO Chad Jones’ innovative and influential smartphone programming course at the University of Saskatchewan. Not only that, but many have also been sought after by industry leaders such as Apple, Research in Motion, Google, and Pixar Studios. We are proud to offer an engaging, enriching environment that has earned Push Interactions’ reputation as a company filled with the best and brightest in the business.

Our team’s caliber of talent and skill is not only celebrated within Push but has also been recognized by both the business and tech communities. Over the years the Push team has proudly collected nominations for and was announced as the winners of many prestigious awards including the 2014 SABEX Small Business of the Year, the NSBA’s Team Building Award and a nomination for Next Media’s Digi Award for Canada’s Top Development team.

Are you ready to join an award-winning, values-driven team? Whether you want to work for us or work with us, we want to hear from you!